Jacobie Ricard

Jacobie Ricard is the Senior Director of Construction within the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City. His team delivers critical care facilities and campus infrastructure improvement projects. Jacobie has 19 years of architecture and construction management experience with a focus on public projects not limited to but including community centers, public housing, schools, and most recently new patient beds to battle the Covid 19 crisis.

As a graduate of the University of Florida, Jacobie studied architecture with an interest in business geography. His educational background established a love for quality aesthetics with the ability to deliver sound construction. Mr. Ricard believes that active listening and collaboration are critical components to successful project management and team building. This approach to problem solving combined has resulted in his successful transition across various municipal agencies and public institutions.

Jacobie is also a real estate professional with an extensive background in multi-family real estate investing. His ventures in real estate were modeled by Dr. Grant Thrall’s “Business Geography” allowing him to successfully navigate the 2009 downturn and he is looking forward to new investment opportunities in the coming years.